Saturday, February 22, 2014

February's Frost is almost gone!

Yikes!  I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since last fall.  I have been posting daily blogs in a marketing business that I was involved in for over a year and this January I had to make the decision to stay or go, because I hadn't made a dime on the endeavor.  It broke my heart because I spent so much time and effort on this thinking it was a brilliant idea and just wasn't able to make it work.  I guess I am still a brick and mortar type of business kind of gal.
The down side to this was it took me away from my love and that is ART.  ALL things ART.  I was frustrated because I wasn't able to create as I wanted because I had to dedicate spare time to building this business.
Now with thousands of dollars in debt and crippled by credit card interests rates, I have had to let it go...

My focus now is to make money doing what I do and that is selling my art, promoting myself that way and see what I can do to get out of this!

I have been teaching a silk painting class once a month, so that helps bring in some cash, however, it's still not "my place"

I have a few shows coming up this fall that requires some inventory, so I'll be busy creating for that as well as maintaining my "nook" at an Art Studio in our cultural downtown area.

I have also began meeting with a group of dynamic women once a month, to enrich our lives by sharing, teaching and learning from one another to become better humans!

I love the energy there and the diversity of the women involved.

Talk again soon!

This is the scarf I made for my sister! It's hand dyed and nuno-felted.  Looks really good on her!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh Hello!
Thought I would poke my head in and write a quick blurb, been absolutely busy with another blog that I write daily and that is for an Internet Marketing Blogging platform that I have joined.  So, the concept is brilliant and the commissions are 100%!  I am hoping that Blog will bring in much residual income so that I can write on THIS blog more often!  LOL  Because ALL THINGS ART is my life, my passion!

I fell by the wayside on the create a day project because of this other endeavor, however, I did manage to get in some new projects that I've been want to try.  Acrylic painting with modeling pastes, gels etc. with some adders such as egg shells, sand and coffee grounds!

This was done with heavy gesso application, heavy paste and gel! Also, egg shells and coffee grounds were used for texture. The paint was applied in layers and color glazes. The subject matter was inspired by an "image" that came into my view during meditation. This shape, like a "body"had a cyan colored floating the center of the head was a small bright yellow spot. Very dis-embodied and then two more appeared but they were a purple violet floating heads! The meditation was a very spiritual experience, so I named the picture "Pineal Activation" the pineal gland is considered the "enlightenment" gland and is in the center of the brain or from the front between the brow points. The fact that three came into my 'view' reminded me of the trinity. My H says it looks like candles...Sure, just as the spirit leads/light's the way on our journey! It illuminates our path! It's a very tactile piece and is fun to touch. 

Here's my pics for this technique...the smaller ones are not completed, they are just getting started!

This is soooo AMAZING! A new revolution in blogging that makes it much easier to blog, imbed audio, video etc.  all within seconds!  Absolutely incredible and will be going live. Sure you can keep your 'free' blog and have to abide by the guidelines, but why not make money while you spend your time doing what you love?
I became an affiliate marketer with Empower Network, bought their educational product and now promote it to others, so much I have learned!
$25 to sign up and get your blog!  Another $19.95 to become an affiliate and start making money!  Whooohooo, it works and I'm excited about that!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Here's my latest Zendoodle as well as finished VFF Art Cards!

I love the randomness of doodling!  Here are pictures of first colored Zendoodle and the  latest VFF (Valentine Friend Forever) Series III cards, I won't post all of them, but there's quite a few here!  They are a limited edition.  I won't make any more like these.  Just as I have done with the past ones.  The only Series I may repeat are the felted hearts, I really liked them and they were popular among the textile artists.

Doodling is an amazing outlet for those who just need to create and can't seem to carve out either the time, place, space or materials.  All you need is a good sketchbook or watercolor paper that you can carry in your bag and an archival pen, a pencil and a eraser. Although I haven't yet used a pencil and eraser, I think that's a great start.  There are various types that people use such as micron or fine liner pens, I used sharpie permanent on the canvas pieces because it's a rough surface and I didn't want to ruin the more expensive pens.
Some pen brands used; Pigment liners by Staedtler (the pack I have ranges from .1 to .7 thickness)  that I used, other doodlers or 'tanglers' use the Zentangle brand pens which takes the guessing out of it.  But I say use what you can, because it shouldn't be restrictive!
For Shading use a soft pencil HB or B works nicely for that.  You don't have to shade, but it really gives it a 3D look when you do.
I wrote a blog about the benefits of Doodling on my other blog, check it out HERE.

I have to thank the Creative Every Day Web site site for jump starting me on bringing my doodling to the next level, because I needed something that wouldn't interfere with the other things I have on my plate, like my blogging business my spiritual blog and my other art site.  I will be posting my actual project for January on here as well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My active create-a-day projects

As discussed we are embarking on a create everyday project.  Something creative.  Whew!  It's not that easy while your trying to keep a roof over your head as well!  I am very active with another online blogging system where I write interesting blogs on whatever I want and then promote them!  I get paid for this by others joining and doing the same thing.  It's a great outlet for those who have a lot to say and have a few hours in a day to write ~500 words.  I use video, pictures and words in mine.  I have some marketing background that has helped me, BUT this business gives you everything you need to do what you want to do and how to make HUGE $$ from this.  

That is my hope.  That this venture will finance my greatest passion and that is ALL things ART.  I have a dream of building a Center (of sorts) where the Arts combined with spirituality/meditation will help those on an enlightenment journey or to heal from past issues or current issues!  This building will have meeting rooms, studio rooms and meditation rooms.  It'll also host an organic tea/coffee lounge where people can interact with each other as well. 

 It'll also host a small store to purchased CD's, Healing ART, Crystals etc. and it will also have ART work all over the walls and floor area to showcase the most wonderful talent on this planet!
I will have my home semi-attached to this building and the building itself will be designed using the "golden means" ration and embody lots of sacred geometry so that ANYONE that enters will immediately feel warm and welcome in this space....
I hope it sounds as wonderful as it looks in my mind.  So, my Empower Network Blogging site finances this dream.

Okay, back to my create a day, I said it was challenging because I have been devoting a lot of time with the latter to get as much information as possible to build my dream place. (I've been waiting all my life for fulfillment and I believe this is my journey!)
To work around this and still participate in the create each day project.  I jumped right in without realizing there would a theme for every month.  I just figured it was a site to make you accountable to have something that was creative.  I just found this out and the month is almost over....dang.

So, for the month of January, the theme is Dark therefore, it's back to the drawing board. In the interim, I want to post the latest Zentangles, I am making up my own name for a new product I'm selling as Healing Art.  There is a term for using zentangles as mandalas already...dang!  I thought it was an original idea...more proof we're all connected!  No such thing as an "original" idea, it's whatever part of us "re-called" the information first! :-)  

Anyway, I will use it in my spiritual healing/meditation.  I have other projects in Acrylics and such that I am creating as Healing Energy Art, but doodling with a purpose is really meditative and when I am doing this (I realize why they called it "zen" tangle...duh) I am actually in an "alpha" state while I'm doing the activity.  (I've actually got a blog written about it for tomorrow on my Empower Network page!) Whenever I have an issue or something that I need some solution on as well as gaining insight to a creative project, I start the zentangle.  So, I have a little contest going on for a name to combine the chakra colors, mandalas theory, and zentangle patterns.  Chendala?  Chakandala?  Hmmmmm, looking for suggestions!

Here's a couple of the Zentangles I've done.  I've also done a bunch that I gathered and kinda mashed together as a whole so that I can "punch" out some Hearts from it and this will be used for this years series of VFF's!  These I am coining on the inside of the card:
"You are my Zen in the tangle of life.

Be my Valentine Friend Forever"

Ha, ha ,ha!  I'm such a cheese ball!  It's what we must do, right?'s my pics!  Actually it's a video now, I stayed up so late playing and making, it was faster to just video what I did...(this is what happens when I play a video while I work)

Happy Day!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello to you today!

OMG our temperatures for January are insane, it's like spring outside! It's close to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (I would give the Celsius which is what we use as our unit of measurement,but I can't or don't know the keyboard stroke for the degrees symbol, I suppose I could have just put 10 Celcius... :-P )
I also have completed a "creative" craft for the day.  While at work (I am a certified custom framer at an Art Store), we were very quiet so my boss asked me if I would help out with the "Valentine" display.  We had some inexpensive wooden 'craft' frames that he wanted to bling up.  So bling it up I did!  He was "wowed" by my finished products (three different types of frames in all).  Great to get paid and be creative!

 I have begun my felting 'shapes'and they are going to be a little more work than anticipated as I don't think the shape is 'deep' enough for what I want to do, but I am going to continue on here and we'll see what transpires. I'll be doing quite a bit of needle felting after the initial shape or perhaps I can figure out a good 'stiffener' to use that won't take away the organic essence. Hmmmm, well, I'll figure out something. Perhaps, I'll google it and see if what others have used for felted vessels etc.  I'll post the pic's as soon as I get a finished item.
I am endorsing two books below because they are adorable and because I am also an affiliate of Amazon.  That being said,  "Felting, the Complete Guide has some great projects in it for a beginner just getting involved.  It doesn't go into all the details of felting i.e. needle sizes etc and how some are used for heavier felting etc.  however, that being said a crafter doesn't have to worry about getting invested with all the right needles, you can use any needle really, just get started, warning!  It's addictive!  The second book is from a very fun gal!  I would so love to hang with her for a day, I love her video demo.  I've embedded it below for your enjoyment also.  Her book will be a great addition to your shelves and it's VERY affordable!


Saturday, January 05, 2013

On fire!

Actually, I have had two days off, so I have been able to muse over the latest Zentangle and the ideas that I have ruminated as a result of this creative act.
The first idea that I have is for something different in felted jewelry.  I love the felted look and the organic feel of natural fibers and trying to incorporate that into wearable art!
Always striving to be different, I scour everything I can to glean ideas and be to be inspired.  I love nature and the look of pods, and was attracted to making jewelry out of silk pods. I haven't had too much luck in being able to purchase an affordable lot.  Even though that has already been done, I will still do my own spin on a silk pod idea!
Right now, this idea I think is a new spin, but I needed a mold of sorts, something to 'shape' my felt over before I apply a hardener/stiffener to it to keep it's shape.  I work as a custom framer at Michaels, so I am never far away from something crafty and the other day after the idea struck me I took a walk around the store to see what I could find to use and I found the perfect thing!
Can you guess what these are???  NO, not Easter Eggs!  Guess again!  I don't know if you can see the name on the backs on the pictures at the bottom, but they are silly putty containers!  Whoohoo!  I can make six at a time with these.

I will upload pictures of the process and the completed project soon.
I've also gesso'd four canvasses so that I can create more Zentangles as well as one large canvas to begin my "Gaia's transistion" art work... stay tuned!

My First Zentangle!

Hi There!
Sooo excited.  I finished my first Zentangle!  I have the wonderful luck at finding this site called 2013 Creative Every day as I mentioned in the post below...well, I wondered what I could 'start' with without getting into a big project not knowing the how's and why's....but then again, that's how many of my projects come about, I just jump in!
Anyway, I had pulled one of my canvases that I had started with Indian Ink earlier in the year with, but with little satisfaction.  The inks just slide on the surface really.  I would need to put more gesso on the surface to give it a smoother look.  Anyway, I had some things already on it when I decided to use it to do a zentangle. I had this Sharpie Oil Paint pen, so I decided to use that. The canvas surface was hard on the pen, but that's okay, it was my first go at it and I was permanent and dark. I did use my Faber Castell PITT pens to give different grey areas on the drawing for depth and then used a blending ink to try and get it to look smooth.  Here I am uploading for your perusal.
Next one I will experiment with color!

This took about a week doing a little bit every day until today!  As a result of this creative out flow, I came up with several ideas for jewelry and for a few paintings I wish to paint!