Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pateho's Place

Like a Rock!
I'm going to be uploading some pictures that relate to my interests. The latest hobby has taken over my kitchen and living room. My boyfriend and I now have a bad case of "Rock Pocks". This is a condition that takes over from a simple love of rocks and minerals, with minimal collecting over the years, to a whole summer spent "Rockhounding!". I probably have 1/2 ton of rocks in my house and garden! I love it.
We have spent the summer scrutinizing, mapping and mining the Bancroft Ontario district, Ottawa Valley and our own local beaches right off of Lake Huron. (Lake Huron has some amazing 'pebbles' already smoothed out, it's claim to rock fame is the "pudding stone" a conglomerate of various minerals all squeezed together, some really beautiful colored ones!)

We are planning to expand out to other districts and places, one of them being to head down to Arizona! Yippee.
I'm on the lookout for that one 'gem' to complete me (hee, hee) More specifically to set me $Financially$ Freeeeee!

I have fallen in love with the mineral Corundum. At first I thought it to be a 'man' rock. Corundum however, when cut, faceted, polished etc. is either a ruby or a sapphire, depending on the color of the crystal of course. What is so respectable is the crystal itself. It has a good weight, plus it's the second hardest mineral in the world (diamond is No.1) I really enjoyed 'hunting' for Corundum crystals at an old mine in Bancroft District called Burgess Mines. The area is really beautiful too. The rock dump has a 'live' beaver home and a spring fed pond. So it's a pleasure to hang out there.

So, at this point I've been cleaning all my specimens and will be categorizing them. Then we'll take photos and upload a bunch to see if he (the moderator) likes them. There are thousands of specimens at this place. Very well done and you get to know your geology at this place.

Did I mention that out of all the specimens, Rose Quartz has to be my best mineral to date. Especially when you get a good specimen. It's translucent, waxy look makes me all gibbly inside! I resonate with this mineral for sure.

Okay until the next post, have a sparkling day!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My "Rosy" Place

Hey Everybody! cool!, I have my own space in Never-Never-Land!
I chose the "Rose" template because I love pink! Rose quartz is my favorite "mineral" too. Not just for it's meta-physical properties, but because of it's color.

I am an avid "Rock-hound". Been an amateur for most of my life, however, since I went to Bancroft Ontario 6years ago and attended their annual Rock festival called "Gemboree", I have been goo-goo for minerals and gems and have not looked at a rock the same way since.

I'm going to post stuff like this and information about my other interests along with links to help further.
What I mean by that is I'm a champion of Natural Healing Therapies, and home therapies and Homeopathic remedies, what ever you call it. I do not advocate Synthetic Drugs to aid in curing disease! ALL THEY DO IS BAND-AID the issue, not cure it. And if you are lucky to be cured by one then you a lucky one for sure. Most people on medications end up suffering various other 'breakdowns' because of the side effects of taking the drug to begin with.

Okay, I'll talk about Cancer and the "authentic" and various cures that are out there and being used by more people than the Cancer Society will admit too. Cancer is a big business, that' s for sure.

Wow, for such an "advanced society and technology" more people die today of disease than they did 50 years ago. Not to mention that people do not "decay" like they once did either. There is a major concern over "plots" because people's bodies are so full of chemicals, their bodies are literally taking longer to decompose! Oh well. a natural mummy-method! I just told everybody that it certainly would make for a colorful light show for those who get creamated! Haha.

Anyway, I'll post some documents for Cesium Therapy, Budwig Diet, Greens, Rifte Technology, Ozone Therapy, Electrical and vibration therapy etc.

Also any Health sites that I subscribe too. I get referrals from these, I won't lie, however, I do not take a product that I haven't done research on and their references/background too!
We can't even trust our naturoceuticals ie. vitamins, to give us the RDA or better equivalent!
What we get is a little filled with ...fillers! ie. rice powder, geletin, artificial sweeteners etc.

Got to get to bed now! Good Night and I love you all!