Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My word!  It's the 25th of January already!  Amazing.  I have been seeing a lot of jewelers pushing their 'Garnet' beauties for the January babies and I thought that I would post a different spin to educate those among us that do not know.  EVERY stone on this planet is beneficial to each one of us.  They hold a charge, frequency or vibration (toe-mate-toe; toe-mah-toe...) whichever suits  your verbiage.  Those vibrational frequencies match certain organs in our physical body, but also benefit our metaphysical body. However, those that are identified under a specific birth month resonate higher for that individual.
Here is the list for January!   Amethyst, Agate, Emerald, Garnet, Hematite, Jasper, Lapis, Onyx, Opal, Rose Quartz, Ruby and Turquoise! 

I'll post each months stones on my blog for your information!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wow!  We had our first winter snow storm of the season this past Thursday, but unfortunately with that came a serious 22 car pile up on the major highway we have coming through our way.  We got another 2 inches today. HOWEVER, the weatherman is saying it's going to melt come Monday!

I have been chomping at the bit to get sitting down and doing some serious creating on some Art Quilts that I have had on the creative burner as well as jewelry designs!  My studio has been moved to a whole new place, my sweeties house!  But this time it's been split between three floors!  The basement has been cleaned and shelves added for all the 'inventory' the main floor room is housing the tables for now until the bonus room on 2nd floor gets a cleaning and paint job prior to moving them upstairs!  I hate being in limbo!  I am waiting for someone to buy my home too, so that I can just start my new life with my honey!

Here's a couple of designs that were done for a commission.  Bracelets are the most popular item that I sell and I love customizing them for that special birthday gal!

These two are for January and May birthdays.  Top one is January using traditional, modern and metaphysical stones identified for the month. Amethyst,(I used chevron, nuggets and beads) Ruby, Aquamarine along with vintage glass hearts and hand blown glass beads.  May has a nice blend of Carnelians, Moss Agate, Green Banded Agate, Aventurine, Citrine, Amber, Azurite, Bronze fresh water pearls, with some nice azurite beads as well!



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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful beginning, here it is already January 4th!  December was busy and both emotionally and physically draining.  We lost a beloved member of our family on Christmas day when she took her last breath. I thought that to be quite serendipitous, we buried her husband 3 months prior from Cancer as well.  Such a disgusting disease!  Brings on so much pain and suffering for everyone involved. We loved her so much.  They were the matriarchs of our family and Christmas gatherings will forever be changed...

We're off to a brand new start. 2012. It brings some anxiety and some excitement. (I am excited!) It seemed so far away to me as a child and now, here we are!  I intend for a prosperous year with new beginnings and lots of art pieces accomplished!  I also intend for every one of my brothers and sisters of mother earth to come together in peace and raise our consciousness with our beloved Gaia! There is a lot of information out there for those wishing to find it on how to raise your consciousness levels.  It's not found outside of you though! The kingdom is "within". Go to a quiet place and meditate for a few moments for for many, it's up to you. But be in a quiet place and quiet the mind and connect with our creator.  It takes time, but you will soon feel more at peace and it's gets easier to 'stay' in the moment.  I can say that with confidence because if this ADHD adult can do it, anyone can!

Okay.  I'll sign off for now.  The following pictures are gifts I made for friends at Christmas!
The first is a 'loaded' bracelet with different grades of aquamarine, blue sapphire and silver filigree beads, the second pair of earrings are 14k gold levers and 14k gold plated wire. All beads are genuine Swarovski Crystals!  Aren't they gorgeous!  The last is for a October born fiery, lovable gal so I chose the red stones in her birth month. Coral, Rubies and garnet make this "Lady in Red" so special!