Friday, April 29, 2011

This is the finished piece of a needle-felted mandala that I have been constructing. Didn't really know what direction to take with it, so I let it take me instead...this is what I ended up with! Artsy-Fartsy! This piece is actually a birthday gift I want to give to a great friend of mine. But I want to bring it out and see what the reaction to it is first, see if she really likes it and then I will sigh a big sigh and let her know I am super glad, because it's your birthday gift!  LOL

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

More felted mandala's (or medallions)

Here are pic's of some more mandala's that I have felted. Some will be further embellished with beads/stones and some will be left alone, however all of them will be incorporated into some form of wearable art!

I am also uploading pic's of some square mandalas that I put together with small wooden craft pieces that I found at hobby lobby and used resin to permanently adhere the pictures to the wood.  I have also used inks to 'color' in the sides of some and some I have left plain.  Those that will be made into a bracelet on their own, will be painted on the back side of the wooden piece, otherwise I'll leave them plain (maybe, depends on finished piece...:-)
Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

This is one of many felted 'medallions' or 'mandalas' that I have made and am incorporating into wearable art! I work hardened and hammered a piece of 14 gauge copper and then took 22 gauge copper and wire wrapped complimentary colored beads to frame it all in. This will be a pendant portion of a necklace that I've envisioned. Hope it all comes together!
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