Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My active create-a-day projects

As discussed we are embarking on a create everyday project.  Something creative.  Whew!  It's not that easy while your trying to keep a roof over your head as well!  I am very active with another online blogging system where I write interesting blogs on whatever I want and then promote them!  I get paid for this by others joining and doing the same thing.  It's a great outlet for those who have a lot to say and have a few hours in a day to write ~500 words.  I use video, pictures and words in mine.  I have some marketing background that has helped me, BUT this business gives you everything you need to do what you want to do and how to make HUGE $$ from this.  

That is my hope.  That this venture will finance my greatest passion and that is ALL things ART.  I have a dream of building a Center (of sorts) where the Arts combined with spirituality/meditation will help those on an enlightenment journey or to heal from past issues or current issues!  This building will have meeting rooms, studio rooms and meditation rooms.  It'll also host an organic tea/coffee lounge where people can interact with each other as well. 

 It'll also host a small store to purchased CD's, Healing ART, Crystals etc. and it will also have ART work all over the walls and floor area to showcase the most wonderful talent on this planet!
I will have my home semi-attached to this building and the building itself will be designed using the "golden means" ration and embody lots of sacred geometry so that ANYONE that enters will immediately feel warm and welcome in this space....
I hope it sounds as wonderful as it looks in my mind.  So, my Empower Network Blogging site finances this dream.

Okay, back to my create a day, I said it was challenging because I have been devoting a lot of time with the latter to get as much information as possible to build my dream place. (I've been waiting all my life for fulfillment and I believe this is my journey!)
To work around this and still participate in the create each day project.  I jumped right in without realizing there would a theme for every month.  I just figured it was a site to make you accountable to have something that was creative.  I just found this out and the month is almost over....dang.

So, for the month of January, the theme is Dark therefore, it's back to the drawing board. In the interim, I want to post the latest Zentangles, I am making up my own name for a new product I'm selling as Healing Art.  There is a term for using zentangles as mandalas already...dang!  I thought it was an original idea...more proof we're all connected!  No such thing as an "original" idea, it's whatever part of us "re-called" the information first! :-)  

Anyway, I will use it in my spiritual healing/meditation.  I have other projects in Acrylics and such that I am creating as Healing Energy Art, but doodling with a purpose is really meditative and when I am doing this (I realize why they called it "zen" tangle...duh) I am actually in an "alpha" state while I'm doing the activity.  (I've actually got a blog written about it for tomorrow on my Empower Network page!) Whenever I have an issue or something that I need some solution on as well as gaining insight to a creative project, I start the zentangle.  So, I have a little contest going on for a name to combine the chakra colors, mandalas theory, and zentangle patterns.  Chendala?  Chakandala?  Hmmmmm, looking for suggestions!

Here's a couple of the Zentangles I've done.  I've also done a bunch that I gathered and kinda mashed together as a whole so that I can "punch" out some Hearts from it and this will be used for this years series of VFF's!  These I am coining on the inside of the card:
"You are my Zen in the tangle of life.

Be my Valentine Friend Forever"

Ha, ha ,ha!  I'm such a cheese ball!  It's what we must do, right?'s my pics!  Actually it's a video now, I stayed up so late playing and making, it was faster to just video what I did...(this is what happens when I play a video while I work)

Happy Day!

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