Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decided to tweak the page a bit to reflect the current banner I am representing myself with!  I had made this blog before we (Scrum Sisters Studio) had an official web site, but thought it best to represent it wherever I can!
Did a demo at the store yesterday to promote upcoming wire crochet class and one of the store managers asked me if I knew anything about 'cartridge' paper.  I said yes, but we don't carry it.  I thought about this again this morning and wondered why we don't see it much at all here.  I haven't even heard about it since the 80's when I purchased some from my watercolor teacher when I was taking a class there (Lethbridge, Alberta).  Cartridge paper is a very heavy paper that is used a lot overseas but not so much here in North America.  Not even sure where my instructor got it that many years ago, but we were discussing the different types of paper that can be used for watercolor painting and I had chose to try it because I was really experimenting with 'wet, wet, wet' watercolor abstracts!  I really liked it, bought some off of her at the time, couldn't find it anywhere else after I had used them up and just went back to using the heavier watercolor paper at the time and pre-stretching it etc.   So, interesting.  Does anyone know where you can buy Cartridge paper in Canada?.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Show is coming up fast! Got to get the studio in shape, the 'sisters' are working at it!  I've been so busy with work and recently joined a new marketing venture that was (I hope!) an answer to prayer as money is tight!
Our Art in the Park show is only one month away and I have some inventory to build up and need to get in to the studio and do some more work.  I'll be setting up the frames and silk scarves tomorrow outside seeing as it's going to be sunny and hot out, that speed up the drying process for sure and then tomorrow night I'll work on either painting, jewelry or fibre art.  I have my canvas all ready to go for the fibre piece I have in mind, just now my home "studio" is 1/4 the size I had before so I'm not able to flit from one table to the next. I have to tidy up one project before I can go on to the next...sigh.  It is what it is until I can change it!  Hope your all enjoying the beautiful weather and talk soon!

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Aah, the weekend is over, albeit I worked both days, I did get in a little free time to visit our local annual art-walk in down-town Sarnia! We had just enough time to visit some favorite booths and pick up some art pieces from local artisans.  I also bought tickets and entered into a draw.  We had our pick of Artists "boxes" to choose from an early event there was a 'plein air' challenge with approximately 15 local artists of various talents. The brochure listed them and a picture of one of their paintings/works to give an idea to the public of what they do.  The day of art-walk these artists dispersed through out the area and painted/created a work of art based on a view/subject of their choosing, that work was then donated to the draw. Each ticket proceeds went to Gallery in the Grove. (my favorite and home town!)  I definitely bought tickets and one of my ticket went into Ariel Lyons (a well known watercolor artist) box.  I loved the way she painted and depicted a tree that was planted out in front of one of the store fronts at art-walk.  Well this morning I received a call that I won her painting!!  Whoooohooo! I am ecstatic about that! I'll definitely post it once it's in my possession.  I think I may bring it to work and select a frame for it first, but that'll take a week, oh well, we'll see how it goes. Not much else has been done in the studio lately other than 'playing' with all types of media on my Kumihimo disks with wire, ribbon, felted ropes....I also received a new shipment of silver wire so, I'll be gearing up to put some of my drawing/concept ideas into what appears to us as reality!  <3

Friday, June 01, 2012

The first one shows a work in progress. The initial frame I had to set up my silk scarves in wasn't working, so I was trying to come up with a quick way I can set up this type of scarf and I purchased some inexpensive 1X2's, some finishing nails( with wood glue), glue gun and clothes pins.  Worked excellent!
Just as promised, these are my latest painted silk scarves.
First day of June!  Can't believe that I haven't put anything down since the beginning of May, wow, literally time has been a blur and continues to speed by! As promised, the stones for June!
Agate, Alexandrite, Amber, Aventurine, Citrine, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Pearl, Moonstone, Ruby, White Sapphire, Sapphire, Tigers you have all the good gemstones!  LOL

Anyway, we'll be busy readying ourselves for an upcoming sale and exhibition.  Will post pics. In the interim, I have my latest show and tell uploaded to Youtube featuring the latest felt bracelets/banges...I have dubbed them "Brangles!" tm  Enjoy!  I'll  post some of my scarves in a minute!