Friday, February 25, 2011

Uploading Jewelry for sale!

I've made some headways with uploading my photos to my google account. It's quite slick the way google has incorporated all this into one user id. Blog, mail and photo albums and with their software (or their partner's software) I can post to blog or twitter, great stuff!  I am hoping to upload more of my unisex necklaces, not sure what computer they were copied to (my laptop is much faster at processing these days than my "older" pc)
Anyway, I hope that I can configure my website that I have had for a year and have done very little to because it's very labor intensive, they don't make it easy to upload or even find my "administrators" page where I can do the editing. It's not a cut and paste either.  I used a generic template thinking that was easier, but it's not!
Oh well, perhaps I'll bite the bullet this weekend and "get er done!" Please leave me a comment if you have stopped by!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Art Cards doing well

Loving the feedback I'm receiving from those who purchased my VFF Art Cards!  I'm glad that I followed up on an idea.  I played with it until the final product, but that's usually the way it goes. I made 25 and have signed and numbered each one. I may do this every year, but not sure.  I had some ideas for Easter Art Cards, but my 'heart' is saying focus on Mother's Day. So that's where my creative juices will be focussed.  I do already have in the works my "Bracelets for Mum" series for our Mother's Day Art show and sale. I will have on hand a bracelet for every month of the year.  So, if your mum was born in January, that bracelet will encompass at least 5 of the stones identified for that month. I am also working on mixed media wearable art necklaces and bracelets.  I 'll be incorporating wool roving, ribbon, beads and semi-precious stones on arm and neck items, actually I have already done at least 6 of them and will upload the pics here as I have them on my PC, today I'm using my laptop at my BF house! Two of these are my personal ones. The first one I've called pink cosmos (my favorite drink too!) and the one I'm wearing one now I call "Orbs Are". My sweety and I are big into science, free energy, anomalies, the unexplainable etc. and right now we're fixated on these 'orbs' that this gal from Philadelphia  ( ) has been filming with her infra-red and night vision cameras.  These are NOT  'orbs' that have been captured by digital cameras...these are flashing flying orbs!  Too cool.  Any way, I made my bracelet in honor of them! :-)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Be My VFF! - Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised! I am showing the outside and the inside of each card.  I'm only uploading three as they are all similar but unique because each one is handmade, signed and numbered. There were only 25 art cards made, so be sure to get yours! They are 14.99 each plus shipping ($1.00 each plus .50 for each additional card)