Saturday, January 05, 2013

My First Zentangle!

Hi There!
Sooo excited.  I finished my first Zentangle!  I have the wonderful luck at finding this site called 2013 Creative Every day as I mentioned in the post below...well, I wondered what I could 'start' with without getting into a big project not knowing the how's and why's....but then again, that's how many of my projects come about, I just jump in!
Anyway, I had pulled one of my canvases that I had started with Indian Ink earlier in the year with, but with little satisfaction.  The inks just slide on the surface really.  I would need to put more gesso on the surface to give it a smoother look.  Anyway, I had some things already on it when I decided to use it to do a zentangle. I had this Sharpie Oil Paint pen, so I decided to use that. The canvas surface was hard on the pen, but that's okay, it was my first go at it and I was permanent and dark. I did use my Faber Castell PITT pens to give different grey areas on the drawing for depth and then used a blending ink to try and get it to look smooth.  Here I am uploading for your perusal.
Next one I will experiment with color!

This took about a week doing a little bit every day until today!  As a result of this creative out flow, I came up with several ideas for jewelry and for a few paintings I wish to paint!

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