Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello to you today!

OMG our temperatures for January are insane, it's like spring outside! It's close to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (I would give the Celsius which is what we use as our unit of measurement,but I can't or don't know the keyboard stroke for the degrees symbol, I suppose I could have just put 10 Celcius... :-P )
I also have completed a "creative" craft for the day.  While at work (I am a certified custom framer at an Art Store), we were very quiet so my boss asked me if I would help out with the "Valentine" display.  We had some inexpensive wooden 'craft' frames that he wanted to bling up.  So bling it up I did!  He was "wowed" by my finished products (three different types of frames in all).  Great to get paid and be creative!

 I have begun my felting 'shapes'and they are going to be a little more work than anticipated as I don't think the shape is 'deep' enough for what I want to do, but I am going to continue on here and we'll see what transpires. I'll be doing quite a bit of needle felting after the initial shape or perhaps I can figure out a good 'stiffener' to use that won't take away the organic essence. Hmmmm, well, I'll figure out something. Perhaps, I'll google it and see if what others have used for felted vessels etc.  I'll post the pic's as soon as I get a finished item.
I am endorsing two books below because they are adorable and because I am also an affiliate of Amazon.  That being said,  "Felting, the Complete Guide has some great projects in it for a beginner just getting involved.  It doesn't go into all the details of felting i.e. needle sizes etc and how some are used for heavier felting etc.  however, that being said a crafter doesn't have to worry about getting invested with all the right needles, you can use any needle really, just get started, warning!  It's addictive!  The second book is from a very fun gal!  I would so love to hang with her for a day, I love her video demo.  I've embedded it below for your enjoyment also.  Her book will be a great addition to your shelves and it's VERY affordable!


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