Monday, January 28, 2013

Here's my latest Zendoodle as well as finished VFF Art Cards!

I love the randomness of doodling!  Here are pictures of first colored Zendoodle and the  latest VFF (Valentine Friend Forever) Series III cards, I won't post all of them, but there's quite a few here!  They are a limited edition.  I won't make any more like these.  Just as I have done with the past ones.  The only Series I may repeat are the felted hearts, I really liked them and they were popular among the textile artists.

Doodling is an amazing outlet for those who just need to create and can't seem to carve out either the time, place, space or materials.  All you need is a good sketchbook or watercolor paper that you can carry in your bag and an archival pen, a pencil and a eraser. Although I haven't yet used a pencil and eraser, I think that's a great start.  There are various types that people use such as micron or fine liner pens, I used sharpie permanent on the canvas pieces because it's a rough surface and I didn't want to ruin the more expensive pens.
Some pen brands used; Pigment liners by Staedtler (the pack I have ranges from .1 to .7 thickness)  that I used, other doodlers or 'tanglers' use the Zentangle brand pens which takes the guessing out of it.  But I say use what you can, because it shouldn't be restrictive!
For Shading use a soft pencil HB or B works nicely for that.  You don't have to shade, but it really gives it a 3D look when you do.
I wrote a blog about the benefits of Doodling on my other blog, check it out HERE.

I have to thank the Creative Every Day Web site site for jump starting me on bringing my doodling to the next level, because I needed something that wouldn't interfere with the other things I have on my plate, like my blogging business my spiritual blog and my other art site.  I will be posting my actual project for January on here as well.

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