Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh Hello!
Thought I would poke my head in and write a quick blurb, been absolutely busy with another blog that I write daily and that is for an Internet Marketing Blogging platform that I have joined.  So, the concept is brilliant and the commissions are 100%!  I am hoping that Blog will bring in much residual income so that I can write on THIS blog more often!  LOL  Because ALL THINGS ART is my life, my passion!

I fell by the wayside on the create a day project because of this other endeavor, however, I did manage to get in some new projects that I've been want to try.  Acrylic painting with modeling pastes, gels etc. with some adders such as egg shells, sand and coffee grounds!

This was done with heavy gesso application, heavy paste and gel! Also, egg shells and coffee grounds were used for texture. The paint was applied in layers and color glazes. The subject matter was inspired by an "image" that came into my view during meditation. This shape, like a "body"had a cyan colored floating the center of the head was a small bright yellow spot. Very dis-embodied and then two more appeared but they were a purple violet floating heads! The meditation was a very spiritual experience, so I named the picture "Pineal Activation" the pineal gland is considered the "enlightenment" gland and is in the center of the brain or from the front between the brow points. The fact that three came into my 'view' reminded me of the trinity. My H says it looks like candles...Sure, just as the spirit leads/light's the way on our journey! It illuminates our path! It's a very tactile piece and is fun to touch. 

Here's my pics for this technique...the smaller ones are not completed, they are just getting started!

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