Sunday, March 06, 2011

My best pal Cindy modeling my "Pink Cosmos" felted armband.

This is my pink cosmos close up.  Embellished with mother-of-pearl, fresh water pearls, jade lentil beads and various farafel iridescent beads Retail: $45 - Sold

This one I call "Rose Garden" embellished with organza's, wool rovings, silk tops and I added carved rose quartz leaves. Retail: $30

This is called "Secret garden", lots of embellished flowers made with various organza's, wool rovings and silk tops.  This to is embellished with Farafel beads. Retail: $30

This is called "Goldies Garden" and was a commissioned piece for a friends mother.  Suits her to a tee!  Carnelian, rubies, smokey quartz, coral, pearls and vintage glass blown beads. Retail: $75.00

This was made with Aquamarine hearts, nuggets and chips, vintage iridescent beads, fire swarovski, malachite, opal, carnelian. Scorpio girl. Retail: $35

Spunky -bracelet for a July birthday child. Made with faceted Carnelian and carnelian nuggets, cubed jade, faceted moonstone briolettes and lapis lazuli nuggets. Retail: $50

Bracelet made for a spunky Taurus gal. Features Blue sapphires faceted and round, faceted carnelian, Czech fire beads, Faceted crystal quartz and beautiful purple faceted Agate set in gold tone rings. I call it "Bali Dance!" Retail $35

Another variation of a Scorpio gal - deep and mysterious! This piece was made with pink tourmaline, aquamarine hearts, faceted aquamarine, opal, carnelian and vintage beads.  Finished off with a cute kitty charm for a fellow cat lover! Retail $50

Sumptuous sexy and sultry Libra! Made with Jade, smokey quartz, black and green moss agate, carnelian. Retail $50.00

Another September birthday bracelet (this gal in the latter part of the month which puts her under the Libra sign). Lovely Carnelian, Rubies, Chiastolite, Black Agate and small agate beads are used as well as Sterling Silver charms. this bracelet would retail $40.00

This convertible necklace was made for a gal that wears a lot of grays to work and she wanted something to compliment but to also have the metaphysical benefits of these stones too. Here is a necklace that is downright funky!  Made with black leather chording and 925 sterling findings a plethora of fine faceted and carved crystal and smokey quartz dominate this piece. There is rare white turquoise, shell, vintage stone beads, pearls and a single purple sugalite (very good for Virgos)The large portable pendant is a Drusy black Agate, just beautiful all by itself or with the rest of the gang! This necklace can be worn all together (the Agate hook onto the bottom ring) or it can be worn as a choker with the pendant alone. (shown below) This necklace would retail for $125.00

Detail of pendant as a choker. 

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