Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wow!  We had our first winter snow storm of the season this past Thursday, but unfortunately with that came a serious 22 car pile up on the major highway we have coming through our way.  We got another 2 inches today. HOWEVER, the weatherman is saying it's going to melt come Monday!

I have been chomping at the bit to get sitting down and doing some serious creating on some Art Quilts that I have had on the creative burner as well as jewelry designs!  My studio has been moved to a whole new place, my sweeties house!  But this time it's been split between three floors!  The basement has been cleaned and shelves added for all the 'inventory' the main floor room is housing the tables for now until the bonus room on 2nd floor gets a cleaning and paint job prior to moving them upstairs!  I hate being in limbo!  I am waiting for someone to buy my home too, so that I can just start my new life with my honey!

Here's a couple of designs that were done for a commission.  Bracelets are the most popular item that I sell and I love customizing them for that special birthday gal!

These two are for January and May birthdays.  Top one is January using traditional, modern and metaphysical stones identified for the month. Amethyst,(I used chevron, nuggets and beads) Ruby, Aquamarine along with vintage glass hearts and hand blown glass beads.  May has a nice blend of Carnelians, Moss Agate, Green Banded Agate, Aventurine, Citrine, Amber, Azurite, Bronze fresh water pearls, with some nice azurite beads as well!

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