Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Chills!

Boy!  I can't believe that it's been since July that I have posted last.  Tsk, Tsk, shame on me!  My computer however, is on the fritz, I cannot for some reason get it to connect to the Internet, so until I can afford to bring it into the shop, I've been sneaking time on my hubby's computer!  I also have a laptop down in my "woman cave" (basement studio), however, it's extremely difficult to sit and type with the set up down there.
I use it mainly to play music and video's while I work.

We had a very successful Art in the Park first weekend in September, however, I am always disappointed to  find out that a number of items of mine were stolen.  I had hand felted and sewed together several pairs of baby booties from Alpaca fleece, really darling!  I will have to see if I have some images of them in another spot as I cannot find any pic's.

A couple of pic's from our Exhibit that was held for the whole month of August.  We had some good reviews and feedback for that as well.  Below are a couple of my paintings and felted work (large!) and smaller one. I've named them starting with the first; "He loves me, he loves me not..."; Heart-throb; In the beginning there was only love and the last piece is "Love yourself, it gives you wings". These pieces were specifically made with the theme of "love", so we geared our work around that theme.

I have another show and sale this coming weekend 29th and 30th - Greenhouse Artist Showcase, which will be held at a local Greenhouse and gifts business.

I've also been charged with overseeing this years community involvement painting that will go up for auction at the DeGroot's Greenhouse fundraising Gala. The theme is "Dancing Under the Stars".  So I have come up with an idea where I can make this painting somewhat cohesive once all the "participants" have contributed their part in the completion of it. I'll post a pic just before the show of what I have done to start it and what it looks like completed.

Hope you all have a sparkling weekend!

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