Friday, February 25, 2011

Uploading Jewelry for sale!

I've made some headways with uploading my photos to my google account. It's quite slick the way google has incorporated all this into one user id. Blog, mail and photo albums and with their software (or their partner's software) I can post to blog or twitter, great stuff!  I am hoping to upload more of my unisex necklaces, not sure what computer they were copied to (my laptop is much faster at processing these days than my "older" pc)
Anyway, I hope that I can configure my website that I have had for a year and have done very little to because it's very labor intensive, they don't make it easy to upload or even find my "administrators" page where I can do the editing. It's not a cut and paste either.  I used a generic template thinking that was easier, but it's not!
Oh well, perhaps I'll bite the bullet this weekend and "get er done!" Please leave me a comment if you have stopped by!

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