Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today the 1st day of 2013, see's us with the sun blazing brightly in the sky!  I am excited to have a few days off so that I can get situated and focussed on plans that have been brewing for about a week now in my head.  I have some great ideas on some new and funky felted jewelry!  Plus a few ideas on some felted wall art.
I also hope to increase my daily blogging on my money making websites as these are going to fund my dream and that is to open a center/studio for arts and meditation.  Yes!  I want to combine arts and spirituality.  Being a spiritual person, I want the form of art to help open up our creative spiritual selves.  Upon doing so we can raise our vibration and become healthier, more loving human beings.
I have made a few plans for the coming year but nothing concrete yet, as I really don't like making New Years Resolutions.  I believe everyday is a new year a new day and should be started fresh!
I was quite busy over the holidays make gifts for personal use as well as commissions for others!  Yay, sure helps pay off the Christmas spending!
So I have kept quite creative in that way, but I am most happiest when I can focus on just "doing" as my spirit leads me, that is more rewarding.  So if I have to announce any new "resolution" or "goal" for 2013 then it's to be more in spirit (did you know that's where the word "inspired" originates?  "in spirit").  Be more authentic to myself and others (although many of my peers will tell you that I already shoot from the hip!  :-)

Okay, lets begin.  I also joined up with a site that I found as a link from another site I was perusing.  The site I was originally at has some beautiful "Zentangles" there that I wanted to send to my sister as she is quite good at doing them herself. The link on her page led me to 2013 Creative Every Day Challenge to which I signed up too!
I want to encourage my sister continue with her talents and even make her designs into art cards! People love original art cards.  I have done well with the ones that I have made. Especially my Valentine Friends Forever ( VFF) Art Cards.  Speaking of which, I want to come up with another idea for my VFF series, this will be the third year for my Valentines Friend Forever art cards.  Here are a couple of pictures, the first ones are from year one Love gives us wings Series I and the second set is from last year Heartfelt Series II

VFF Series I- Sharing gives us wings

VFF Series II - Heartfelt

So there we have it.  Now I must put my creative juices into gear and work on VFF Series III!
I have also done some acrylic painted on canvas art cards.  That was a lot of fun.  I call them "Secrets of the Multi-verse"...so, yeah.  I like to think big!

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