Saturday, January 05, 2013

On fire!

Actually, I have had two days off, so I have been able to muse over the latest Zentangle and the ideas that I have ruminated as a result of this creative act.
The first idea that I have is for something different in felted jewelry.  I love the felted look and the organic feel of natural fibers and trying to incorporate that into wearable art!
Always striving to be different, I scour everything I can to glean ideas and be to be inspired.  I love nature and the look of pods, and was attracted to making jewelry out of silk pods. I haven't had too much luck in being able to purchase an affordable lot.  Even though that has already been done, I will still do my own spin on a silk pod idea!
Right now, this idea I think is a new spin, but I needed a mold of sorts, something to 'shape' my felt over before I apply a hardener/stiffener to it to keep it's shape.  I work as a custom framer at Michaels, so I am never far away from something crafty and the other day after the idea struck me I took a walk around the store to see what I could find to use and I found the perfect thing!
Can you guess what these are???  NO, not Easter Eggs!  Guess again!  I don't know if you can see the name on the backs on the pictures at the bottom, but they are silly putty containers!  Whoohoo!  I can make six at a time with these.

I will upload pictures of the process and the completed project soon.
I've also gesso'd four canvasses so that I can create more Zentangles as well as one large canvas to begin my "Gaia's transistion" art work... stay tuned!

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