Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decided to tweak the page a bit to reflect the current banner I am representing myself with!  I had made this blog before we (Scrum Sisters Studio) had an official web site, but thought it best to represent it wherever I can!
Did a demo at the store yesterday to promote upcoming wire crochet class and one of the store managers asked me if I knew anything about 'cartridge' paper.  I said yes, but we don't carry it.  I thought about this again this morning and wondered why we don't see it much at all here.  I haven't even heard about it since the 80's when I purchased some from my watercolor teacher when I was taking a class there (Lethbridge, Alberta).  Cartridge paper is a very heavy paper that is used a lot overseas but not so much here in North America.  Not even sure where my instructor got it that many years ago, but we were discussing the different types of paper that can be used for watercolor painting and I had chose to try it because I was really experimenting with 'wet, wet, wet' watercolor abstracts!  I really liked it, bought some off of her at the time, couldn't find it anywhere else after I had used them up and just went back to using the heavier watercolor paper at the time and pre-stretching it etc.   So, interesting.  Does anyone know where you can buy Cartridge paper in Canada?.  

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