Friday, June 15, 2012

Show is coming up fast! Got to get the studio in shape, the 'sisters' are working at it!  I've been so busy with work and recently joined a new marketing venture that was (I hope!) an answer to prayer as money is tight!
Our Art in the Park show is only one month away and I have some inventory to build up and need to get in to the studio and do some more work.  I'll be setting up the frames and silk scarves tomorrow outside seeing as it's going to be sunny and hot out, that speed up the drying process for sure and then tomorrow night I'll work on either painting, jewelry or fibre art.  I have my canvas all ready to go for the fibre piece I have in mind, just now my home "studio" is 1/4 the size I had before so I'm not able to flit from one table to the next. I have to tidy up one project before I can go on to the next...sigh.  It is what it is until I can change it!  Hope your all enjoying the beautiful weather and talk soon!

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