Monday, June 04, 2012

Aah, the weekend is over, albeit I worked both days, I did get in a little free time to visit our local annual art-walk in down-town Sarnia! We had just enough time to visit some favorite booths and pick up some art pieces from local artisans.  I also bought tickets and entered into a draw.  We had our pick of Artists "boxes" to choose from an early event there was a 'plein air' challenge with approximately 15 local artists of various talents. The brochure listed them and a picture of one of their paintings/works to give an idea to the public of what they do.  The day of art-walk these artists dispersed through out the area and painted/created a work of art based on a view/subject of their choosing, that work was then donated to the draw. Each ticket proceeds went to Gallery in the Grove. (my favorite and home town!)  I definitely bought tickets and one of my ticket went into Ariel Lyons (a well known watercolor artist) box.  I loved the way she painted and depicted a tree that was planted out in front of one of the store fronts at art-walk.  Well this morning I received a call that I won her painting!!  Whoooohooo! I am ecstatic about that! I'll definitely post it once it's in my possession.  I think I may bring it to work and select a frame for it first, but that'll take a week, oh well, we'll see how it goes. Not much else has been done in the studio lately other than 'playing' with all types of media on my Kumihimo disks with wire, ribbon, felted ropes....I also received a new shipment of silver wire so, I'll be gearing up to put some of my drawing/concept ideas into what appears to us as reality!  <3

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