Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas, Christmas Christmas Goodies!

Well!  This little elf has been busy.  But busy for everybody else and haven't been doing any for my immediate gift receivers.
Life is such that we're older now and the gift giving dynamics have changed.  For our parents it's become just a money exchange, not gift giving, so it's good to just do Christmas Card exchange.  I really have become less materialistic and more for 'fellowship' i.e. spending just quality time together.  Like a good potluck meal. I don't mind gift exchange, but I would prefer it be meaningful small tokens.  i.e. notebooks, art journals, coffee certificates, cookie bags...something like that.
People that I talk to are either on the far extreme where they literally spend thousands of dollars and buy anything and everything just so there are gifts under the tree and others are quite modest.  Just keeping it to a one gift minimum.
It's whatever works for your family dynamics.
It should never become a financial burden.  For some families "Christmas" is the main gift giving time of the year where they lavish all manner of gifts from bath goodies to trips and such.  Like I said, it's whatever works.
I just never seem to get it into motion in time because I am either working too often and the days I get off are spent painting, felting etc. or the days off are spent on commission work and blogging on my other sites that I have to generate income.
I have been uploading some new pictures of my Original Drifting Saints that I have been commissioned to do as well as those for sale at my Artfire shop!
Here's my latest which are also uploaded to our Scrum Sisters Studio web site.


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